GOD KNITTED ME outside of my Mother’s womb. Even before my mommy, GOD knew me

Early in the 1970’s

My Daddy and my Mommy

Honor thy father and mother, which is the first commandment with promise; that it may be well with the, thou mayest live long on earth (Ephesians 6:2-3 KJV).

Yes, It is sad that both my daddy and mommy are no longer of this world and since I can’t do anything about it. I PRAY and PRAISE ON REPEAT! And I’m not as sad any longer. Still a little hit and miss you mood every now and then. Daddy was my dad for 38 years here on this side and Mommy was my mom for 50 years on this side. So yeah still a hit and miss you mood, you feel me? LOL


I’m okay, by the Grace of GOD. And LORD, I’m so thankful for the beautiful memories that you have BLESSED me with in the form of parental guidance. I did not always get it right… BUT YOU LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, did. I will BLESS
your name at all times.



**New blog posting soon which focuses on eating and praying 🤲🏾 for a little more room at the table which is BIBLICAL ALL THE TIME



Published by A Walk By Faith

Stamina and kindness will always be necessary when providing healthcare services in any capacity. So, until the dream manifest, I will continue to petition righteously all year! Who am I? A person who has just enough sense to Praise The One ☝🏾 Who Created me. Do you know HIM? Who do you serve? I Serve A RISEN SAVIOR. A person who doesn’t always get “IT” right. A person who is constantly seeking the truth while living in peaceful abundance while LOVING OUR LORD. A person with a sense of humor who absolutely have to find laughter in just about any situation or occasion. A person with a passion for reading and blogging, who is constantly learning new things. You can find me on social media @kibmelanin. That’s where you can find my Twitter and Instagram profiles where I post some of life’s (sometimes) daily news or blogs with an opinionated love for cultural perspectives. My life is basically focusing on kindness, and boldly walking by faith while cultivating love. I ‘m constantly developing into being a better person than the previous day. Please remember tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us so be full of love and in all ways, BE KIND. #KIBMELANIN #wearyourword #AWalkByFaith #Recompense #itsasocialconnect #SCBP #PRAY #LOVE #FAITH #HOPE #PRAYERisneeded @KIBMELANIN #TWITTER #INSTAGRAM #FACEBOOK

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