Good day to you! So, yesterday, you were introduced to my new online store project and being as there may be things some may find offensive at the website I wanted to take a minute and explain the monkey swag.

A few years ago, I authored a book titled ‘White Supremacy: Ape Syndrome’. The book itself was a mixture of my attempts discovering things out on my family using a well known company which many are familiar. The title is basically saying that Afro-Americans may be in the jungle but they are not alone. Banana banners are not offensive to me in the least or any other negative stereotype the Edomite will swerve towards others that are different than the reflections which stares at them in the mirror.

I honestly think the term ”race” is an earthly connotations meant to cause fear and oppression. Biblically speaking? I honestly think the term is meant to keep folks divided by hatred. I feel that if the haters continue their dialogue that millions of people may be affected. You see if I ”oppress” you and your family there isn’t a chance for you to love or seek guidance from the CREATOR.