GOD KNITTED ME outside of my Mother’s womb. Even before my mommy, GOD knew me

Early in the 1970’s My Daddy and my Mommy Honor thy father and mother, which is the first commandment with promise; that it may be well with the, thou mayest live long on earth (Ephesians 6:2-3 KJV). Yes, It is sad that both my daddy and mommy are no longer of this world and sinceContinue reading “GOD KNITTED ME outside of my Mother’s womb. Even before my mommy, GOD knew me”

My NOPE is running away from U

GLORY 2 GOD NOT 2 Country And that’s written by a witness Why you think you suffering? Good morning 🌞. How are you this morning? I pray your weekend is truly blessed with goodness and that you give all the praise to Yeshua. There has been a great deal going on lately and finally afterContinue reading “My NOPE is running away from U”

Personal Identifying Information

Good morning Hi love, How are you doing today? How are you feeling? Oh me? Big Beautiful Baby(I’m) is doing good, thank you for asking. Look do me a favor alright? If anyone contacts you on any social media to get you to send them your PII so that they can transfer you money orContinue reading “Personal Identifying Information”

Kindness is BOLD and Beautiful

Talk About This We need you Virginia. To all my brothers and sisters, please cast your 🗳 on Tuesday for the #DEM Party. 🙏🏽 If we help dem’ they will help us. Okay, okay, okay! I’m just trying to make sense of this talk about CRT. Maybe 🤔 I’m a little late on this particularContinue reading “Kindness is BOLD and Beautiful”

Okay, Hmmm

Just trying to make it MAKE Some Sense No pretense Monoclonal antibodies are derived from different stages of a fetuses and I just can’t understand why some peeps are all for monoclonal antibodies yet against abortion. I don’t understand how you can have one without the other. I don’t understand how men and some womenContinue reading “Okay, Hmmm”