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GOD KNITTED ME outside of my Mother’s womb. Even before my mommy, GOD knew me

Early in the 1970’s

My Daddy and my Mommy

Honor thy father and mother, which is the first commandment with promise; that it may be well with the, thou mayest live long on earth (Ephesians 6:2-3 KJV).

Yes, It is sad that both my daddy and mommy are no longer of this world and since I can’t do anything about it. I PRAY and PRAISE ON REPEAT! And I’m not as sad any longer. Still a little hit and miss you mood every now and then. Daddy was my dad for 38 years here on this side and Mommy was my mom for 50 years on this side. So yeah still a hit and miss you mood, you feel me? LOL


I’m okay, by the Grace of GOD. And LORD, I’m so thankful for the beautiful memories that you have BLESSED me with in the form of parental guidance. I did not always get it right… BUT YOU LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, did. I will BLESS
your name at all times.



**New blog posting soon which focuses on eating and praying 🤲🏾 for a little more room at the table which is BIBLICAL ALL THE TIME


My NOPE is running away from U

GLORY 2 GOD NOT 2 Country

And that’s written by a witness
Why you think you suffering?

Good morning 🌞. How are you this morning? I pray your weekend is truly blessed with goodness and that you give all the praise to Yeshua.

There has been a great deal going on lately and finally after praying this morning I decided to share something with you.

Now before I say this please know that I’m coming from a loving stance and that’s it!

Here in the USA, we the (some)people of brown skin with ancestors from all over the globe, give Praise and all the Glory to a Risen Savior. HE was definitely here on earth for the humanistic experience and then after healing and feeding people, along with telling ALL about His FATHER, he was murdered. The Jewish people who believed in Jewish traditions murdered Yeshua. It is written that He was hung on a tree and suffered for three days before being buried in a rich mans grave.

Now for some time now, the colonizers have been convinced that they gave the people they stole from The Tribe Of Judah and Negroland in Africa, their god (You did not). Please be silent and still colonizers, because that is not true! The only thing they did do (colonizers) is to make their deaths so much sweeter indeed ♾🌞

Let me be brief… You see there are Jews and then their are true Jewish people who don’t follow tradition at all, but truly believe the Resurrection of Yeshua and The Spiritual Peace HE left for His true followers. In other words, everyone may be Jewish but they’re not of GOD.

There are many different sects of Jewish people here in America and also all over the world. But the true followers of Yeshua are just as many. Abrahamic Blessings are all over the world.

The Ashkanazi Jew will be someone from the Caucus Mountain most like the one creating havoc on another set of Jewish people who are part Ashkanazi Jew and something else.

I do fell sorry for anyone or any country while they’re at war and suffering from the effects of war, okay?

Getting to the point: I can’t find a way to help those who do not have a belief system in place. I can’t find a way to be empathetic towards someone who only wants Glory for their country.

If these people had done away with their traditional religion and focused on giving GLORY to Yeshua, their war would have been over before it began.

How do I know this? Well for one, I had teachers and more teachers who gave me the truth about Yeshua and the slave ancestors as well as the plantation owners. And for another reason, well The USA has given BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN WARFARE to a country who is trying to defend itself against the Oppressor and they still have not won. They have people and babies dying every single day it seems like and in this worldly environment all the money in the world will not be able to help these people.

Word to the wise: Ask for forgiveness and then (began)Start giving GLORY to Yeshua and not country and your situation will change!

Personal Identifying Information

Good morning

Hi love,

How are you doing today? How are you feeling?
Oh me? Big Beautiful Baby(I’m) is doing good, thank you for asking.

Look do me a favor alright? If anyone contacts you on any social media to get you to send them your PII so that they can transfer you money or give you a job, please decline this and contact your local officials immediately!

Have a great day,

Big Beautiful Baby


Kindness is BOLD and Beautiful

Talk About This

We need you Virginia. To all my brothers and sisters, please cast your 🗳 on Tuesday for the #DEM Party. 🙏🏽
If we help dem’ they will help us.

Okay, okay, okay!

I’m just trying to make sense of this talk about CRT.

Maybe 🤔 I’m a little late on this particular subject that has been on the airwaves but before we get started let’s be clear.

1) Ain’t nobody talking about Critical Race Theory in Kindergartens, Elementary Schools, Middle Schools or High Schools last time I checked. However, they do teach Social Studies and American Government, which is how students learn about some atrocities from the earlier years.

Many years ago, In Alabama, my education was drenched in “whiteness” and many of those educators were proud and white as they spoke on slavery, George Washington (and others), and a great deal about the Civil War (that was lost by the South).

What they didn’t teach? White slavery, Native Americans owning Black and White slaves, miscegenation, and violent “crime” against the many slaves on the white privileged plantations. And honestly, though there were many of my classmates and friends who were pissed to the history being taught to us, we (nor our parents) did not hold protest against the history. So, What do we have going on now?

What we now have is a continuation of White fragility, White Supremacy and fear of a Brown and Black Planet. And no, this is not about Black or Brown Supremacy as a whole because last time I checked not one of these B&B’s are trying to over throw the American Government or bring back the atrocities of Nazi German here in America. On the other hand, what are some ignorant people who just happens to be White, what are they trying to do? They’re electing bullish ass (pardon my expletive) White men and women with an agenda to make America hate once again (more on this later).

(Norbit just called and keeps saying something about Tuesday).

2) The Media has made a many a white man 👀 like a darn fool and there are many of his white subjects looking like the back of a jackass, too!

I’m not the smartest person in the world 🌎 but baby I do have common sense as many other voting folks in America.

Virginia is the birthplace for many descendants of slaves and no one has time to be condemning A Nobel Prize Winner for her beautiful legacy. And if anyone wants to really talk about her beautiful works of art and what it means in 2021? Call on some of those beautiful educators and get that party started. Talk About That Thang and learn from it.

History- According to a scripture in Ecclesiastes “Ain’t nothing new under the sun; what has happened once has happened before ”.

And if we as a voting people are not careful, the legacy of Black and White water faucets or Black and White Hotels will be upon us again.
And when I say us, that’s every working middle class mom and dad who wants to be at peace while raising their children. Rich people have rich peoples problems, okay? So, please don’t make us feel inferior to you because of those rich people problems. (Some of you all will try the patience of JOB).

Dr. King was a very spiritual leader who spoke on this division in government while he continued to lead like-minded people (Black or White) on ways in which to help the community help others. What I detest about so many of the racist White folks and Republicans is how they try to make his words fit their nasty agenda. Honestly, I wish he would haunt them all until they die!

I ain’t going backwards are you?


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Okay, Hmmm

Just trying to make it MAKE Some Sense

No pretense

Monoclonal antibodies are derived from different stages of a fetuses and I just can’t understand why some peeps are all for monoclonal antibodies yet against abortion. I don’t understand how you can have one without the other. I don’t understand how men and some women utilize the law to dictate to a FEMALE what she can do with her ovaries, uteri or Fallopian tubes.

This is no slight to any person or persons with FEMALE parts but no womb. People are pitted against each other on the daily because of our differences and I want you to know I don’t judge you for who you are or what you may become I just don’t deal in pronouns when addressing someone because of my Belief System. Please don’t hate me hate the game. Because this is the game (others play when different). I personally identify as a Woman who is still FEMALE without a womb due to a hysterectomy but I’m still WoMAN, you feel me?

I LOVE hard