A Walk By Faith

Bio: Stamina and kindness will always be necessary when providing healthcare services in private duty. Who am I? An opinionated Love culturalist who's cultivating love and constantly into a better person than the previous day. Remember. And in all ways, BE KIND. I am Kind and Bold with it. Possessing the ability to be kind is something that was requested of each us and should be cultivated in each us from before we each were knitted in our mother's womb. And it is with this mentality that I have been able to function in this world. I believe that even when faced with adversity no matter the situation it is reasonable to just be kind. There have been times when it's been essential for me to see the humor in just about any given situation; however, there are adversaries, if possible, you must distance yourself from. To walk by faith is the only way I know how to now operate. To possess this type of faith allows me to overlook my shortcomings and seek betterment. Along with these traits also comes a level of spiritual discernment which only comes about as I develop a closer and more meaningful relationship with The KING Of JUDAH. I truly believe in prosperity from the KING. Let's make no mistake about that. This is something that shouldn't be controversial when loving our Lord and using what we have to help others. I don't want to be like Solomon and lose sight of why I'm here on earth. You know the story of how he obtained everything he could obtain, in the end, it all meant nothing to him. For me, when the windows of heaven open up and pour me out a blessing, I certainly want to bless somebody else. #KIB #ElderCare #In-home care #out-home care #privatecare

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