GOD KNITTED ME outside of my Mother’s womb. Even before my mommy, GOD knew me

Early in the 1970’s My Daddy and my Mommy Honor thy father and mother, which is the first commandment with promise; that it may be well with the, thou mayest live long on earth (Ephesians 6:2-3 KJV). Yes, It is sad that both my daddy and mommy are no longer of this world and sinceContinue reading “GOD KNITTED ME outside of my Mother’s womb. Even before my mommy, GOD knew me”

My NOPE is running away from U

GLORY 2 GOD NOT 2 Country And that’s written by a witness Why you think you suffering? Good morning 🌞. How are you this morning? I pray your weekend is truly blessed with goodness and that you give all the praise to Yeshua. There has been a great deal going on lately and finally afterContinue reading “My NOPE is running away from U”

Guess What? You’re Labeled

Trying not to be labeled Yep, yep! While out and about the other day suddenly the thought of the Civil War between the North and the South as well as the terrorized citizens of January 6th in DC developed into the angle of white supremacy. The language is the same as it was back inContinue reading “Guess What? You’re Labeled”

They can make you laugh

So laugh Laughter is good So, my eldest brother and his coworker often pass a cemetery on their way to and from work every single day and his coworker always says with a solemn expression that his dad is buried in this particular cemetery. To which my eldest brother always says that his dad tooContinue reading “They can make you laugh”

Crickets or Cicadas

Many do die While out and about I stumbled upon two men talking about getting the Coronavirus vaccine. One was an older retired senior citizen and the other a young vibrant male. What the young man did not know is that the elderly male was still in mourning for his wife who died from ComplicationsContinue reading “Crickets or Cicadas”