Yall are too funny

Growing up in my hood was quite lovely. I had awesome parents who constantly wanted the best for me and my siblings. So every two weeks or so, when they went for groceries, they would say to us:

Parents: Don’t turn that stove on. If you want a hotdog, use the microwave oven.

Well, you see, many times I was somewhere in my bedroom reading a book, so unfortunately I missed out on the hotdogs! Which is why I often had ketchup sandwiches.

I was always glad to see mom and dad pulling up in the driveway with a trunk full of groceries from SAMS!

My parents gave me a beautiful life! Thank you Mom and Dad. Thank you Yahweh for my earthly parents.


Weave, hair and what you wear

Yall, if managers and owners start policing peeps due to race when you’re spending that green or while you’re shopping in their place of business? Keep your cash and build your own businesses or support your reflection. If you have funds? Benchmark that appeal and stay the heck out of their spots. I’m not anti-white but definitely Pro AfroinAmerica.

Many lovers of that faux hair has ordinary women and men fronting those lace fronts like it’s in-va-weave-able situation. Sister, did you purchase that beauty product from a fellow sister or brother? Do you become someone else when you’re wearing your weaves or wigs? IJS

My heart really goes out to the young brother in Texas. Thank you Ellen D for gifting him that check. The bigger picture? Your hair will definitely grow back longer and thicker than ever. I wouldn’t give those school officials the luxury of not seeing your beautiful face everyday. You see, you’re beautiful! And, apparently someone is jealous of what you represent. Honestly, that school is in a real struggle in history because you are definitely not your hair. What happens when the next young man attends the school with the same versatile hairstyle as yours? They know it will occur again so they’re using you and your situation to dictate to the people like you. Conform to our standards or stay away from this school. I read the BIBLE more now than ever before, right? At the moment the symbolism of Samson and the trimming of his hair and your ultimatum is a beautiful thing. You’re not your hair. You’re young and vibrant. Talented, beautiful and excited about your future after high school. I’m not asking you to cut your hair. Your strength is in how you handle your current situation. Trust me, you’re not the failure in this instance. Sure they changed the rules and it’s looking like they want to definitely apply a labeling mechanism of sorts to you and your name. I wonder why? In school suspension really, puts you into a different category. Most students in this category are considered troubled youth (that or just tardy for classes). According to this website- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/School-to-prison_pipeline. For me? You know who you are and You definitely don’t fit one of those labels.