Oh Snap! God’s Original Design Loves You

A family that prays together stays together, right?

A family that kneels together will heal together (Fo sho).

As I look back on yesterday and the insurrection which took place all I can say is “LORD, have mercy“.

That much hate is bound to send someone to the ground early and that is for certain. I can’t help but to think about the pastors in the pulpits which have helped to create this breeding ground of hate while in the church! And you honestly think that the LORD is pleased? I don’t hate anyone or wish anyone the least bit of harm, but when you intentionally incite racism or racist actions in church and in the Nations Capitol, it is definitely time to bind that harmful rhetoric and completely cast it out.

Many months ago, the health of the Nations Capitol was at risks yet not one member of The Grand Ole Party sought to expunge the Main Event! These beast of men and women are essentially enablers of White Supremacy simply by remaining silent when they should be doing differently by calling out those who support lies, bigotry, hatred, racism and hypocrisy. It is definitely a sad day in America and it will continue to be an explosion of one sided rhetoric whenever the thought of a population dwindles down and out in a few more years.

I’m a Spiritual Being with a hurting heart for those who did indeed lose life while exhibiting hatred. Out of everything that has happened? That right there is a horrific way to meet up with Yeshua. SMH

Deranged demonic demonstrators do definitely die.


Happy New Year

Hey, hey, hey!

I do believe this is my do_better year! 🎆

How about you? Please be safe in all areas of your life. Don’t forget to put some space between yourself and others; your masks, hand wipes or sanitizer, and gloves (if you wear them). And most of all, don’t forget that beautiful smile. That’s what causes your beautiful eyes to shine. I love you.

Create in me a clean heart O’ LORD and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from thy presence and take not thy Holy Spirit from me. Psalms 51:10-11



Dearest POTUS AllLivesDoMatter

It is with a glad heartbeat and joyous momentum that I’ve come to tell you, WE the people don’t need you to concede. That’s why we voted in 2020. WE could not in good faith allow you to continue as the leader for us. Dude, you just didn’t do ALL-LIVES right!

It is because of you and your inaction that people have died. It didn’t have to be that way and you know it. You said so yourself on that famous 60 Minutes segment. For months you said that “Fake News” was spouting things falsely against you and your administration only to sit and tell the truth about how dangerous the Coronavirus really is. It is because of you that folks are not fully implementing a simple plan of wearing a freaking mask, washing their hands or distancing socially from each other. It is because of you that most of those people have lost loved ones or are in the process of losing someone because you said it (theViralVirus) was a hoax. You’re a liar and are perhaps the worst person on the face of the earth at the moment and yet, you’re the leader. You also said that the Coronavirus would disappear. Welp, have you heard the latest statistics about that? News flash my dear. It is still here.

I honestly didn’t think you would sink to an even lower level than you did last Saturday. Instead of just signing the paperwork so that millions could continue to receive a check every week due to being unemployed, what did you do? You actually waited and played golf until Sunday. Do you have any idea what it is to go to bed hungry? Do you have any idea what it’s like for parents to wait in a food line so that their babies can eat? Do you go to bed at night with a satisfied grin on your face knowing that you have that kind of power in your hands to determine what will be served on the tables of millions of peeps from week to week? (Honestly everyone doesn’t want to file for bankruptcy protection when the money is low and bills can’t be paid on time) That is simply a hot mess and the mind of derangement WE THE PEOPLE don’t need ever again. E-V-E-R, E-V-E-R, E-V-E-R again.

Here in the final hours of 2020, I can say thank you for one thing. Thank you for shining the light on all of the peeps who supported you on November 3rd. I say this because now WE THE PEOPLE will now know who and where to spend our money when it comes to banking, shopping and entertainment. In 2021, the minute I discover an individual whether they be Black or White, male or female, girl or boy, who fought to keep you by voting for you? I will drop them like a hot potato and will encourage others to do the same. You see even though you had the power to help millions, you and your people, ended up hurting millions with that red neck politics and that red neck financial point of view. It hurts me to think that they voted to keep you in office while hurting others. So, they should also have to feel the hurt too. No one should buy their music, shop at any of their restaurants or stores. They should not tithe at any of their churches or watch any of their movies ever again.

Also, it will possibly take a decade for the truth to come out about you and your crew on how you actually cheated your way into The Peoples White House. If anyone really wants to how you did it all they have to do is look at what you’re doing now. It is in my opinion that Russia and China leaders helped your electoral support. If you’re saying someone cheated this year, may I ask what did you do in 2016?

Sir, WE The PEOPLE no longer want you as our leader. For the first time in my lifetime I’ve seen pastor’s and congregations talk about a Presidential election like it was all BIBLICAL. Honestly, some spoke more about you than they did JESUS; and sir, I do have a problem with that.

In 2019, you were impeached but not dismissed from office. I do hope the voters in Georgia remember how Moscow Mitch wanted to make sure you stayed in The People’s House when they cast their vote next week. They should be mindful of just how much you and The Grand Ole Freedom Tea Party has hurt them during your time in office.

Happy trails to you, I pray we never have another one like you.

Oh and before I forget! The best of 2020 for me is when Pastor Paula prayed for the “African Angels” to come forth. Now that right there was simply poetic when I think about Balaam and Balak. If you ever decide to read The BIBLE right side up? Please read Numbers 22-24.



Grateful For This Day

BE Happy

2 Thessalonians 2:12

Being happy and grateful in the midst of persecution and tribulations is something many have no connection to on any day ending in D-A-Y. Whether it’s on the first of the week or the middle of week. But I come to tell you that before the foundation of the earth was formed that GOD WAS and even at this hour of suffering and sickness that He is still on the throne. The essence of His Son’s death is just as relevant now as it was over 2k years ago. To have the capability to tap into his goodness is a blessing and it because of Jesus’ suffering on that old rugged cross that I come to tell you to praise and give glory and honor to the Most High.

When we think of forgiveness we must always be mindful of why we should focus on Christ and His suffering when we do forgive ourselves and others. You see there was a time when individuals focused more on the hurt or slander from others when making attempts to forgive. And to know that Jesus forgives and has the power to never bring up again the transgressions we have been forgiven for is a Blessing indeed. I know there is often an adjustment period we must follow in order to get to the place of peace while yet also being mindful of those which have caused us harm. And if you focus on that anger too long you will find yourself missing a very important step to being healed. That is like the focal point of this writing. If you focus on Jesus and His suffering for all mankind, I’d like to think this path allows forgiveness to intervene with a quickness eradicating all of those angry thoughts. Your anger and bitterness has a way of keeping you unfortunate and uniformed about the connections to releasing a powerful healing force connected with the spiritual love of Jesus. And who wants to go around rehashing old thoughts of hurt every single day? I know I don’t. You see that inner turmoil can and will lead us to all types of strife and sicknesses while in the land of the living. This is why the scriptural readings today teaches us that there is someone greater that can take care of it all. Even in this season of lack it is important to remain thankful and committed to the act of forgiveness. In the name of Jesus, I forgive you as well as myself knowing that there is something much greater in store once this action is spoken and released in the spiritual realm. To hold back and to constantly remember what someone has done to you can and will keep you from the eternal Blessing and a manifold harvest. Speak it into existence and operate on the same Faith that Jesus and his disciples had many years ago is just as relevant now. Forgive others and apply it to your life now can cause a healing process just like the tears and the blood and spirit has done for so many others. Forgive and BE forgiven.


Say A Prayer For Others

LORD We Need Thee

LORD this morning I pray those who are in need and for the sick and the bereaved. I pray that you BLESS those that are watching and waiting on your tender hands of Mercy. And I thank you for the brand new mercies on today. Please allow them to experience your salvation FatherGOD which is freely given to each and every one of them who is seeking FAVOR, in Your Holy name I pray, Amen. Glory to Jesus.

There are times when the burden of life is heavy upon even the shoulders of the righteous and it is an emotional turmoil which can guide each of us back to you. For you said, come to me who are heavily burden and You will Father GOD give each and every soul rest. I know that you’ve been disappointed in our comings and going’s but I also know that you are the eternal forgiving force which can heal those who are suffering from lack.

It is at this time that I remember Solomon and the very creatures you’ve created who has no care for tomorrow or food for today. If you’re able to allow the beautiful birds to find shelter and food for survival , I know that you will do the same for your children. The healing words of friends and the silent prayers of many while giving thanks to you for those healing hands is what we as a people must seek. When we look to the heavens may we be reminded of you and your eternal grace for you are able. Glory to Jesus for the most precious gift of all. Life.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.