Guess What? You’re Labeled

Trying not to be labeled

Yep, yep!

While out and about the other day suddenly the thought of the Civil War between the North and the South as well as the terrorized citizens of January 6th in DC developed into the angle of white supremacy.

The language is the same as it was back in 1861-1865. It didn’t jive then and it doesn’t jive now.

The terror that was exhibited by those peeps trying to hang a VP and The Speaker of the House and members of Congress is just what it is. A group of American peeps who stormed the Capitol that day are terrorists.

Terrorism is defined as the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims (Oxford Dictionary).

So, any Republican and Democrats who refused to vote on whether to establish a council to determine how did this egregious act occurred on January 6th is now considered a terrorist.

The ability to overthrow a democracy or to make an art of war against a democracy is indeed terroristic.

White privileged citizens in a democracy that will march on DC actually did the same as the white privileged did during the Civil War 1861-1865.



They can make you laugh

So laugh

Laughter is good

So, my eldest brother and his coworker often pass a cemetery on their way to and from work every single day and his coworker always says with a solemn expression that his dad is buried in this particular cemetery. To which my eldest brother always says that his dad too is now resting in a cemetery.

So this one particular morning his coworker says yet again that his dad is buried over in the cemetery that they pass every single morning. And my brother thoughtfully asks that particular morning. “I wonder what they’re doing” ( their deceased dads). His coworker turns and look at him and says, “They’re probably looking for a cold drink of water for their dry tongues.”


Crickets or Cicadas

Many do die

While out and about I stumbled upon two men talking about getting the Coronavirus vaccine. One was an older retired senior citizen and the other a young vibrant male. What the young man did not know is that the elderly male was still in mourning for his wife who died from Complications due to Coronavirus.

Elderly male: Son, have you had your shots yet?

Young vibrant male: Oh no sir, I have not.

Elderly male: Well when you finish your business here just drive on over to the clinic and they will set you right up.

Young vibrant male: No, I don’t want that in my system. I’m careful about what I put in my body.

Elderly male: Oh really? Well, son you’re gonna die ( he then turns and walks away).



Watch yourself

That Viral Virus

While out and about

There seems to be peeps in this beautiful state who has an Edomite spirit in them. While shopping or walking around whenever they see others wearing masks they begin coughing without covering their mouths. I guess they think they are some how a carrier for the virus and just want to put fear in others by spreading their germs. That to me is the most horrible way to respond to others during a pandemic.

All I can say is, go get your life! I’ve been inoculated. JESUS built this resistance.



Love You

It’s that true love

LOVE lifted me

I was sinking deep in sin far from the wayward shore
JESUS heard me when I fell because of my hollow cry
And then he picked me up yet again and set me up on high
Delivering my feet from out of the harden clay
Setting me up on solid ground and forgiving me of all my sins
And telling me that LOVE wins in the end.




Same thing

Moreover, it didn’t happen.

Fortunately, for us Forty-five didn’t win.

Let’s get this right. Forty-five cheated his way into the Peoples House in 2016, yet no one stormed the Capitol in January, because there was a peaceful transfer of power and BO and Company cleared out of the way. Most of us have class.

If there were to be a do over and people actually protested against him in 2016, and raise hell then, just what 😦 do you think would’ve happened? The side show had a trial run at Autocracy and almost got away with it. And to be honest the bloke is trying to do it again. Pay attention and make sure you’re registered to vote in ALL elections going forward.

Breathing Room

Understanding Self

Anti Semitic

I’m a little concerned the conversation will never be brought to the table. To call your fellow melaninated brother a nigger is just as antisemitic as what that Anglo Saxon is spewing at the moment. Sure, no one has ever willingly admitted that Blacks in America are also the Jews in America who were stolen from the Middle East.

Well, unless the hate groups are protesting like some did on January 6, 2021, many will never make the decision to discuss the issue in this article.

When they say “Jews will not replace us”, just who do you think they were speaking of? I will give you one guess. Welp, your time is up! They were speaking of the woke culture in America who acknowledges that Black Jews in America are one and the same as the African Jews who were once slaves in America.

What amazes me is how the Holocaust victims are attacked viciously to this day because of the view point of Nazi lovers. These people suffered. Welp! The Black American Jews suffered too!Consequently, they were known as the American Slave and they were whipped, raped, maimed, burned, killed and wounded by the Edomite.
Matter of fact at this very hour America is dealing with the vicious attacks on Humans who are Black Jews through judicial violence. If the law enforcement officer commits murder they are then covered under “blanket immunity”. It is my opinion that those judgeships should be removed or voted out because they are basically making it possible for law enforcement to get a pass when committing murder.

Remember, you must love THE LORD with all your heart, all your soul and all of your mind. This is the first of all commandments. Please remember I don’t want to divide anyone. WE must all come together for the ALPHA & The OMEGA to ensure that we live as true brothers and sisters of CHRIST.



What Israel

Hey, hey, hey!

I’m not sure if peeps are clear on what the leaders in Israel and Jerusalem are doing to make this year or any other years since the time of Yeshua clearly evident. I’m just not certain if the clarity of the distinction between Yahweh’s time and 2021 has been taken seriously. Some may mock bit by bit, about that bitter fruit and never seem content but there is ONE who has the final say.

After reading a few Biblical scriptures this morning I was kinda sad and tired. Why? Well, it’s obvious who the Pharisee is, right?

All I gotta say is that the Israel in the BIBLE ain’t the same Israel that’s killing children and their families. I guess after hearing over and over again about 1945-1947 and the declaration of State has sealed it for me.

Name Change Oh Jacob!

It’s true. My bubble has popped.


Good Morning!

How are you doing today ?

Today, I pray for all that are in a period of bereavement be Blessed with beautiful memories and thoughts of loving peace.

I pray for the sick in hospitals, nursing homes as well as for those who are at home fighting unseen battles. I pray that Yahweh heals the broken-hearted and hope that you’re again Blessed with #GODLY peace.


I love you