Let the dead bury the dead

Good day to the anointed and the spiritually appointed brothers and sisters on this beautiful day which we’ve been #BLESSED with. The one ☝🏾 thing you will constantly see me doing is staying in my own lane. Trust me when I tell you this, I have no clue nor inclination to move over towards another’s lane at anytime or any place, unless my thoughts 💭 become nuclear ☢️ And I just can’t resist the urge to just #pullUp, you feel me?

Yall are too funny

Growing up in my hood was quite lovely. I had awesome parents who constantly wanted the best for me and my siblings. So every two weeks or so, when they went for groceries, they would say to us:

Parents: Don’t turn that stove on. If you want a hotdog, use the microwave oven.

Well, you see, many times I was somewhere in my bedroom reading a book, so unfortunately I missed out on the hotdogs! Which is why I often had ketchup sandwiches.

I was always glad to see mom and dad pulling up in the driveway with a trunk full of groceries from SAMS!

My parents gave me a beautiful life! Thank you Mom and Dad. Thank you Yahweh for my earthly parents.