Even the devil reads the Bible. In my opinion, I don’t think he reads it upside down.

The LORD is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear. The LORD protects me from danger why should I be afraid. When my enemies and foes come to attack me my heart will know no fear for it will be they that shall stumble and fall. When Pharaoh’s heart hardened, his demise asContinue reading “Even the devil reads the Bible. In my opinion, I don’t think he reads it upside down.”

Read it for yourself

Whenever I discover new information pertaining to additional knowledge to help support different scriptures, scriptural events or scriptural references to help identify and support Blacks in The Holy Bible, I tap into my app for additional help. I truly believe that Yahweh will continue to place people in my path for the purpose of buildingContinue reading “Read it for yourself”

Praise will confuse the enemy

Have you ever just had a song in your heart ♥️ when you’re in Praise mode? Even when you’re going through difficulties trust and believe The LORD is good! There are some people going through some difficult times you hear 👂 me? And I can attest to prayer 🙏🏽 being the answer, at all timesContinue reading “Praise will confuse the enemy”

It’s bulletproof

Let’s do this Washing hands 🙌🏾 often can save your life. Social Distancing shall become the new norm until we can be inoculated for this virus. * Test Testing here in America isn’t mythical in the least. For quite some time now, the question has been why hasn’t POTUS implemented National Testing. You know, oneContinue reading “It’s bulletproof”