It Ain’t Adding Up


There are times when a fella must test the ways and words of an individual to see if their actions line up with what is written. In no way or by any means is there any one perfect being here on this beautiful earth, this much I’m certain of! Take for instance: “You worship with your lips but not with your heart”.

And compare that to those who are truly oppressive towards GODS Spiritual Babies. Never in my beautiful life have I witnessed a campaign supposedly for Jesus be so AGAINST Him. Yep. I said it. And because you’re worshipping with those lips, Imma let my heart speak! From Genesis to Revelation what many are doing is certainly in those inspirational verses and when you test the peeps and their words I was warned that if they don’t line up with the Truth, that it simply means that someone here on earth is just Wrong.

What inspires me at this time is from a day last week where an old lady asked me if I knew Jesus. I said yes ma’am I do. I know Him very well, so what do you have for me? As I diligently continued on with my work, I did as James 1:19 instructed. Baby it was no easy task I tell you. She then asked me if I voted for the current bloke in office, and I didn’t respond right away. I continued right on listening. She then goes on with her diatribe of how the bloke and his party were put in office by GOD. And that the opposition party were all demons because of their politics which doesn’t line up with The Word. “Honey, I was a missionary for a many years and I can say that anyone who believes in abortions and gay marriages are definitely against GOD”. She spoke of Israel and their flag. And then she spoke of the American Flag and the Statue of Liberty. She said we (her)must honor the flag as Jesus wants and that The Statue of Liberty was a pagan God given to the US by France.

After all of that she asked so honey you need to pray and ask GOD to help you vote.


I said ma’am I am not at liberty to discuss in detail all that you’ve asked of me, but I will say this: At the appointed time, every knee must bow and every tongue must confess that Jesus is LORD.
And ma’am GOD is not a cheater and he doesn’t support the earthly vessels that align themselves to pagan worship. He is a jealous GOD and doesn’t want anyone placed before HIM. No man, no woman, no child, girl or boy.

Be as it is, after I returned home, my heart was aching with disappointment. There is a bloke in office who signs autographs to be sold online. The bloke did this during a time when so many people were/are in distress due to a storm named Lara (Laura). A 140 miles per hour storm ripped parts of a land where many people resides who needed water, food and clothing.

No where in the word does it says, I will sign my autograph so that you can sale it online. However, it does say, when I am hungry, you feed me. When I am naked, you clothe me.

More on that later.

The words and actions do not add up. And for this someone will pay. GOD’s babies are in need.



Published by A Walk By Faith

Stamina and kindness will always be necessary when providing healthcare services in any capacity. So, until the dream manifest, I will continue to petition righteously all year! Who am I? A person who has just enough sense to Praise The One ☝🏾 Who Created me. Do you know HIM? Who do you serve? I Serve A RISEN SAVIOR. A person who doesn’t always get “IT” right. A person who is constantly seeking the truth while living in peaceful abundance while LOVING OUR LORD. A person with a sense of humor who absolutely have to find laughter in just about any situation or occasion. A person with a passion for reading and blogging, who is constantly learning new things. You can find me on social media @kibmelanin. That’s where you can find my Twitter and Instagram profiles where I post some of life’s (sometimes) daily news or blogs with an opinionated love for cultural perspectives. My life is basically focusing on kindness, and boldly walking by faith while cultivating love. I ‘m constantly developing into being a better person than the previous day. Please remember tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us so be full of love and in all ways, BE KIND. #KIBMELANIN #wearyourword #AWalkByFaith #Recompense #itsasocialconnect #SCBP #PRAY #LOVE #FAITH #HOPE #PRAYERisneeded @KIBMELANIN #TWITTER #INSTAGRAM #FACEBOOK

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