True Love Is Beautiful Ain’t it

Speak on it

Let’s talk about Love.

Truly going on memory as I speak on that true love. Of course I’m using the Bible. I will have to get those scriptures for you. Love, love. Love.

Remember that time when Jesus was sitting at the table with his disciples and he told Peter that he would be the one to betray him before a certain time, right? Well, the time was given, “that before the rooster crowed three times that he would deny him”. Of course Peter was hurt and devastated that JESUS, his beloved Teacher, had spoken into existence his future. He told him and Judas what they would do. Love, love. That right there is enough for me because The Word states exactly who The Teacher was. His walk is documented. Amen.

Well, not to get off track. I guess I need to grab my Bible because I don’t want to write the Word of God incorrectly. You understand. That in itself is like an entirely different subject matter for a differ blog. Love, love.

I will have to update

So that day came for both men who had been given a ”prophecy utterance” from GOD’S Son Jesus as to what was going to happen. The fake Jews and nonbelievers were the ones who sought to kill Yahweh, and that is certain. You know, I think differently now and I don’t apologize for the distinction of what is written. I love those who can testify that Jesus is LORD and pray safe journey while in the arms of The Savior who shall provide shelter for each one of us to rest. No matter what you go through here on this site we call earth. You too and your loved ones shall find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. Yes, that’s right there on the Cross for the believer and the none believers. It is written that three things agreed while He suffered on The Cross for all to see. The water. The blood. The SPIRIT. Here we have a testament to The Love. Love. Right there documentation exists for this sacrifice of Love. He died.
The love was given freely. He unified it all right there on that man-made cross. He was mocked. The called Him names. Remember the insults. This Savior for all was crucified and criticized because of He was. They killed Him because they all feared him and thought with thoughts only a common man and nonbelievers. They didn’t understand That Spiritual Action of the possible return of the man that was crucified. #NOTE

Peter didn’t fully understand what would happen to him after betraying The Son Of God. Jesus knew. You see he told the fake Jews that in three days he could tear down and rebuild his temple. The common man would get angry because Yahweh threatened (they didn’t know) what they saw in the physical. They literally thought that he was going to physically destroy their building built by man. #LovingOurLORD

That’s why they killed Him. It here that I would like to think that when the earthquake occurred is when they finally believe in the Spirit of God. For no man killed by their hands during the time of execution had ever delivered such a grand exit. The earth shook. Love, love. My goodness knowing now that God is a God of rebirths and a God of destruction, I’d like to say that those fake Jews, and other none believers once they killed The Son of The Almighty? They got off rather easy in terms of destruction received for such a crime against humanity itself, yes they got off rather easy. That’s some kind of love ain’t it? Love, love.

In the New Testament, after the agreement of The Blood. The water. The Spirit. Yahweh appeared after death, who has that kind of power?

During the last meal was not Peter there? Was he not present? That’s some kind of love. The very one who betrayed The teacher was sitting and forgiven. So. #AWalkByFaith

1 Peter 3:18-22
1 Peter 1:10

Matthew 26:54
Matthew 27:6

John 21:7-10


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