Shipwrecked Faith

Praise and all GLORY to The Alpha and The Omega. Have you ever been treading and half doing the right things in life and yet be a full time participant in all things unpleasant? Well, as you should know I’m not here to judge you, so you can use your very own description of “all things unpleasant.” Hey (holding up my 🤚🏽 on this one as I tell you a truthful statement, You gotta meet The TRUE Big Guy on the other side. And that is a fact jack.
So that shipwreck in my life to this day is something I still give into every now and then. You see I know it is truly unpleasant in the sight of The Alpha and Omega, and as I write about it I pray about forgiveness. And you know what? Every time I feel the spirit moving in my heart to confession because I know that I have been forgiven, I try to document it for inspiration for my next book and also for other brand purposes or just new inspirations. Why just the other day I awakened clean with a new slate to try again for a life of truly living to serve The TRUE Big Guy. What did I do? I began reading 📖 scriptures from the Holy Bible and waited. The essential ease of being still because I didn’t want that full participant of sowing and reaping seeds of strife and discord. No, no, No! No thank you. And then I recite, I entrust my Spirit into your hands Oh LORD. Rescue me for you are A Faithful GOD.
Take for instance the government and it’s going ons. Chile there is a full onslaught of direct contributions and controversial contradictions to the principles of what the law states. And then when I go and see this is when I unplug and download new inspiration by reading 📖 The Bible. You see, it eases the tension as I soar to new heights of writing ✍🏽 personal journals for new post for my blogs and maybe for one of my books. To be honest I’m not sure when I will complete ☝🏾 one of two 📚 books that’s waiting a final download of phase one of the final product. Hey, IDK, 👌🏽 okay? My deadline approaching has me thinking should I just toss this one to the side as well.

But then in my reading of 2 Thessalonians I came upon a shipwreck mentality. I’m sure you see it. It’s right there in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-16 NLT.
If you steady off course and can’t seem to get a grip, ask yourself, what and where is your FAITH leveling at? Remember the tricks and strategy so that you can overcome and reap for a full harvest. How has the day been going when you’re off course? Some of things that I go through, eat too much. I sleep too much and then that becomes a cycle for me. This is when I totally bypass the mirror! Then after a while gradually things begin again to take shape on a path of forgiveness. And yet again I strive to be humble and forgiving to myself and others so that I may remember that’s how Forgiveness truly goes accordingly today and tomorrow and infinitesimals day where again I remind you that YOU gotta meet the TRUE Big Guy, same as I.
And gears shift and the shipwrecks are averted to brand new beautiful beginnings boldly written in a way for #AWalkByFaith full of #BLESSED cheer because ultimately a minor designed destructive measures and means for some can #BE a blessing for billions of others. I have just enough sense to Praise The ALPHA and The OMINOUSLY PRESENT 💝. Yeah, I do believe and hope for better days. I look to the hills which cometh my help. My help cometh from the LORD. For he is the maker of heaven and earth. If you have the faith of a mustard seed and believe for true measures of harvesting than sow seeds of faith and it shall be delivered unto you. Kindness boldly bestowed upon you from THE ORIGINAL KING and remember that with a clean heart created within you that true compassion with true love is what loving. Truly believe that a GODLY faith will help us overcome any obstacle in our way. You know sometimes a Jonah period can come over your life. It’s when you have nothing but a word. You’re not working or making for need for shelter, yet every thing you need is provided for. ALL Jonah had was a word. I encourage you to read up on that Book in the Bible and then you can fully grasp how GOD worked for your own understanding. My #wearyourword is #FAITH. I walk by #Faith and not by sight and receive that The LORD is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear. The LORD protects me from danger why should I be afraid. Because ultimately, that’s all I got. Trust and believe that you gotta meet TRUTH on your waking up or meeting up with The TRUE Big Guy. #uh-huh


Published by A Walk By Faith

Stamina and kindness will always be necessary when providing healthcare services in any capacity. So, until the dream manifest, I will continue to petition righteously all year! Who am I? A person who has just enough sense to Praise The One ☝🏾 Who Created me. Do you know HIM? Who do you serve? I Serve A RISEN SAVIOR. A person who doesn’t always get “IT” right. A person who is constantly seeking the truth while living in peaceful abundance while LOVING OUR LORD. A person with a sense of humor who absolutely have to find laughter in just about any situation or occasion. A person with a passion for reading and blogging, who is constantly learning new things. You can find me on social media @kibmelanin. That’s where you can find my Twitter and Instagram profiles where I post some of life’s (sometimes) daily news or blogs with an opinionated love for cultural perspectives. My life is basically focusing on kindness, and boldly walking by faith while cultivating love. I ‘m constantly developing into being a better person than the previous day. Please remember tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us so be full of love and in all ways, BE KIND. #KIBMELANIN #wearyourword #AWalkByFaith #Recompense #itsasocialconnect #SCBP #PRAY #LOVE #FAITH #HOPE #PRAYERisneeded @KIBMELANIN #TWITTER #INSTAGRAM #FACEBOOK

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