The day anew

Yo! What’s going on with your leader? To whom do I give the thanks to for this side show of a demon? Wow, America were we not on the same side just a few years ago? You know now that I think about it, 2008 does seem like light years away! #kip

America, when President Obama was in office he left plans for each one of you that joined hands and said “Yes, We Can” and helped to elect him. He is the epitome of the beautiful, young, gifted, black leader that rests on the shoulders of giants. Consequently, that’s what smart people do, you know? They get together with other smart people and formulate a plan that will benefit all Americans. Then, these same smart people go out and work with other smart people to make for a beautiful American history.

Finally, history.

Historically, in other countries there have been regimes who function just like todays leaders in America. Believe the scientists 🥼. That’s a crock of manure slap in the middle to your forehead kind of marlarky that killed a great many folk. Yep. I do believe some scientists, just not all scientists, okay? There were scientists that developed half of the diseases or shall we say, viral infections when Hitler was in power. Come on now! Yall better wake the he double hockey sticks up!

I’m way past it now. I’m really here just to shoot this idea to you, which will definitely get everyone back to working again. So let me tell you a little story.

It’s obvious that this virus is air born and that large amounts of it during the day will place extreme harm to people who have underlying conditions. This is true. Why is it obvious? Well, if everyone is confined to the house and people who are sick are in the hospital why would the next two weeks be critical? And if the fight for those (ppe’s) personal protective equipment is preventing the caretakers from doing their job, who is left to die? #uh-huh #nopeu

This is the perfect 💯 horror story for the ages! I don’t believe all scientists is all that matters at this time, so with that being said, I want to tell you the steps that will assist each one of us in returning to work. #visonary #create #entreprenuer

The basic idea is to work and live safely during theViralVirus of 2020.

So with that in mind, let me tell you a story. I don’t follow the chain of anyone’s command, But God. And I lack tact when speaking realities of a time such as this but not compassion for humanity.

Honestly? The transmission rate of this virus 🦠 in my opinion has really made many people 😷 sick. Think about that, why don’t you? The POTUS can say he did not know about an upcoming health crisis and he would be 🤥 lying. One can tell just by what he has not done with his fake disposition over the course of the last 3 months. This man lied on camera and was televised for all to see that everyone could be tested for a virus that was caused by his ineptitude and misunderstanding of basic knowledge.

There has been talk of people staying at home for the next 2 months due to the slow response of the Coronavirus by the current POTUS and boy the talk is quite mad. The thought that the POTUS in this free world allowed people to get sick because he fell to allow his team to read and act upon the pandemic playbook of 2018, which was left by Americans first black POTUS (elected in 2008) team of intellectuals is a sad time in America history. Honestly, I read 20 of the 69 page report and let’s just say that this dude dropped America off in hell. Yep, that’s what happened. This current leader of America has allowed what I feared would happen once the electoral college and Russia put his lying, insufferable white supremacist viewpoint into the White House. In the period of a few weeks, employment for millions have ceased and life as they once knew is now a shadow of what a real life once was like. You know, his booty in Russia actually did the same thing once. And that regime stole billions from the people.

There is definitely a way out of this dilemma and I’m willing to share my tea with you that can get the economy back to better than what it was before #theviralvirus in a healthy direction that is good for the working people in America.

I will try and share my plan in the next few days, okay?



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Stamina and kindness will always be necessary when providing healthcare services in any capacity. So, until the dream manifest, I will continue to petition righteously all year! Who am I? A person who has just enough sense to Praise The One ☝🏾 Who Created me. Do you know HIM? Who do you serve? I Serve A RISEN SAVIOR. A person who doesn’t always get “IT” right. A person who is constantly seeking the truth while living in peaceful abundance while LOVING OUR LORD. A person with a sense of humor who absolutely have to find laughter in just about any situation or occasion. A person with a passion for reading and blogging, who is constantly learning new things. You can find me on social media @kibmelanin. That’s where you can find my Twitter and Instagram profiles where I post some of life’s (sometimes) daily news or blogs with an opinionated love for cultural perspectives. My life is basically focusing on kindness, and boldly walking by faith while cultivating love. I ‘m constantly developing into being a better person than the previous day. Please remember tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us so be full of love and in all ways, BE KIND. #KIBMELANIN #wearyourword #AWalkByFaith #Recompense #itsasocialconnect #SCBP #PRAY #LOVE #FAITH #HOPE #PRAYERisneeded @KIBMELANIN #TWITTER #INSTAGRAM #FACEBOOK

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