Spiritual Activisim

That which you do to the least of these you do unto me also (Matthew 25:40-46 JUB).

So, when folks stand before others & start touching and laying hands, or start praying and agreeing while utilizing Scripture, please be very careful with that.

Honestly some of these folks are reminiscent of Pharoah before the parting of the Red Sea. Moses and Aaron tried to warn the Egyptians but GOD and HIS Power hardened their hearts so that they would not listen to reason with humble hearts. The wicked shall not inherit the same inheritance of the anointed or the appointed no matter what they do or how they try to infer a sense of Holiness (no matter the balance on the earthly book$).

In the Bible, EXODUS, while the Hebrews were in the wilderness they encountered the wrath of The Most High GOD. And if for some reason, you’ve forgotten ALL of the signs and wonders of The Most High GOD, I have no problem with updating and reminding folks who are interested.


Ain’t No LOVE In White Supremacy

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