That One Beautiful Drop

This is just a refreshing way to look at “That One Drop Rule” here in America in 2019.

According to author F James Davis book, ’Who is Black? One Nation’s Definition’, just one drop of ”Black blood” seals the deal on one’s ancestors origins, no matter what else may be in an individual’s mix.

This isn’t a ”new phenomenon” for me, but it is for some Americans who may have opinions on what may or may not constitute an individual’s race. It’s actually hilarious that some people are constantly questioning the lineages of individuals here in America where there are multiple people who identify as one with ”Black blood”. And it is in my opinion, that some Anglo-Americans should check to see just what they have in their lineage. After all, we are in a land (America ) with individuals who can attest to having multiple bloodlines but will ultimately identify as a Black person. I honestly lament this for children of Anglo-Saxon folk with parents not born in America.

History is a beautiful thing if you take time to research and educate oneself, ain’t it?

Article Found online 2019/07/01. Davis, James F.

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