Stand By Me

Charles Albert Tindley (1905) wrote this beautiful song so many years ago, yet it seems so befitting at this time. To once again become familiar with tunes I use to hear my parents sing is so beautiful. I must admit, I never took the time to sing the song in its entirety until today.

Thank you, Mr. Tindley. Your gift is greatly appreciated.

Walking by Faith is knowing just who to call on when the “storms of life are raging “.

As I look to the hills which cometh my help, my help cometh from The LORD of heaven and earth (Psalms 121: 1-8 Jubilee Bible).

There are times during the 24 hour period, when I just wanna share the day in a blog post, you know? And honestly? I really needed to get back into the groove of writing and working, no matter what.

Thou who rules the wind and the water, stand by me. Thou who rules the wind and the water, stand by me. When the world is tossing me, like a ship upon the sea, thou who rules the wind and the water, stand by me.

How beautiful is that?

I don’t know what you’re going through at this exact moment, you feel me? But I can tell you that according to scripture, GOD said that he would never leave you nor forsake you and that you’ve only the need of that mustard seed kind of faith to pray it forward.

And you know what else? According to my belief, I can move mountains and cast them out into the sea. According to my belief, I can speak to the storms and calm them and not shun away like the disciples did on that boat. According to my belief, “Greater is HE that is in me than he that is in the world”.

It is time to get in order and it’s time for me to go get my inheritance. And as I trek this journey let me begin by sharing with you something beautiful and profoundly powerful.


In the Book of Genesis, I want you take a quick look at something. To all my dearly beloved sisters, let me help you get some advance on just how powerful you really are. Okay. In Genesis, remember when GOD created Adam? Read it!

You got that? The LORD GOD created man from dirt (say it like Artimus Prime) (D-urt)! And after he made this man from the mist of the earth (v6) the form did not become a living soul until after the LORD GOD breathed breath into his nostrils (v7b).

Now how powerful is that? Think about it, ok?

Yes, courageous and boldly walking in my inheritance.

“Thou who rules the wind and the water, stand by me.






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